What is the course about?

This programme will run on an individual basis and the assessor will guide on how to build a portfolio of evidence which reflects the learner's ability to lead at this level. The NVQ is related directly to job roles and performance at work.


It will help to reflect on working practices and those of the team and consider possible improvements to make. It provides a personal development opportunity and enhances efficiency within an organisation.

Candidates must achieve a minimum of 17 credits. Completion of the mandatory units will provide 10 credits. The remainder will be achieved by completing a selection of optional units (depending on credit values and rules of combination).

How do assessment take place?

Our assessment process is designed so that delegates are prepared for the challenges their occupation will involve. Delegates are appointed a vocationally trained NVQ assessor who will help them to assemble their portfolio and guide them for the duration of the diploma. Email and telephone support is also provided throughout the NVQ programme and the resources available will be provided as needed.

How long will it take?

The course is completely flexible and we encourage students to learn at their own pace. The awarding body do stipulate that the course is completed within 36 months, but most students will successful finish the programme in around 9!

Interested in the course? 
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