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In the ever growing Health and Social Care industry, it’s vital to ensure you are well trained and up to date with the latest developments and initiatives. That’s why we’ve drawn on our vast experience and suite of over 140 qualifications to ensure our training meets the needs of your business. 


If you're looking to progress your career, refresh your skills or simply want to learn something new, our courses, diplomas and seminars will help you gain valuable practical experience that is instantly transferable to the workplace

Our English and Maths courses give you an opportunity to improve your Maths and/or English skills with expert help.  You can work at your own pace in a friendly atmosphere.  

You can also get a nationally recognised qualification to help you make progress at work or in further training. We run courses from a basic level right up to GCSE.  

  • All courses are free, including GCSEs

  • You can join at any time except for GCSEs which start in September

In addition to Maths and English courses, we have a variety of courses in Health & Social Care. These courses will help you learn the fundamentals of care, the correct techniques on Moving and Handling and how to handle medication effectively. You can view our range of courses by clicking here

Please use the form below to contact our Adult Learning Centre to make an appointment so we can work out your starting point and agree the best course for you.  

English and Maths courses are available at all our main Adult Learning Centres and a range of other community centres.

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